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Doritos is Super…again

It seems that every year, Doritos wins the Super Bowl. Granted there are always a collection of great spots every year, but rarely does one brand do a great job every year. Owning the triangle is brilliant. Owning something as simple as a shape has endless opportunities and is a campaign that could live for… Read more »

Filament adds MSU professor Ross Chowles to webinar staff

We are very excited to have Ross adding his expertise to our webinar offerings. Ross has won all of the major awards since founding The Jupiter Drawing Room many years ago. He has since gone on to teach at Michigan State University and be a judge at both The One Show and The Cannes Lions…. Read more »

Growth Growth Growth!

As a very small business, our idea of tremendous growth may be different than some of our clients who have staff measuring in the hundreds (or thousands) and revenues well beyond what we could ever imagine. Still, for many of our clients landing seven new accounts in a year would represent a good year. In… Read more »

Filament Independent Agency Forum celebrates 2nd anniversary

What started as a forum to help our independent agency clients discuss operating during Covid has grown into a larger group of agencies discussing not just Covid issues but many of the challenges running a independent agency in a difficult economic environment. The pace of change at the beginning of the pandemic was so fast… Read more »

MM and M announce Pinnacle Awards Honorees

I realize that awards ceremonies can be a bit self congratulatory but at the same time it is important to recognize greatness in the healthcare marketing industry. We have awards for up-and-comers and awards for lifetime achievement but great job MM and M for recognizing people in the prime of their career with the Pinnacle… Read more »

Jay Carter Named Industry Person of the Year by Med Ad News

Med Ad New has named Jay Carter Person of the Year (read here) and it could not have gone to a more deserving person. It is worth noting that this is person of the year not marketer of the year. It goes without saying that Jay is an incredible marketer… to his credit he is… Read more »

Here’s to a better 2022

Last year at this time, I wrote about the prospect of a better 2022. Again, I am writing the same thing. But there is a bit more hope for 2022 than there probably was for 2021. Vaccines are on the way. Treatments seem to better. From a business perspective, we have all figured out work… Read more »

Filament’s research on Agency Reopening published by MM and M magazine

As agencies started to consider a post-Covid existence, the issue of reopening the office has come to the forefront. Filament’s Independent Agency Forum worked to combine both qualitative and quantitative surveys to help get a better understanding of how employees will expect to use the office in the future. MM and M magazine today published… Read more »

Filament Forum result to be published in MM and M magazine

After a brief conversation with MM and M magazine, they have expressed interest in publishing the survey findings from Filament Independent Agencies survey on re-opening the office. While the findings are not complete yet, it is exciting to see so much interest in the marketplace for our survey findings. We will publish a link to… Read more »

Filament Independent Agency forum addresses re-opening issues

The Filament Independent Agency Forum has grown to over a dozen organizations representing a variety of communication firms. As we all get closer to the idea, if not reality, of reopening the forum conducted both qualitative research as well as a quantitative survey with nearly 500 employees respondents. The research dove into areas of concern… Read more »