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Filament’s research on Agency Reopening published by MM and M magazine

As agencies started to consider a post-Covid existence, the issue of reopening the office has come to the forefront. Filament’s Independent Agency Forum worked to combine both qualitative and quantitative surveys to help get a better understanding of how employees will expect to use the office in the future. MM and M magazine today published… Read more »

Filament Forum result to be published in MM and M magazine

After a brief conversation with MM and M magazine, they have expressed interest in publishing the survey findings from Filament Independent Agencies survey on re-opening the office. While the findings are not complete yet, it is exciting to see so much interest in the marketplace for our survey findings. We will publish a link to… Read more »

Filament Independent Agency forum addresses re-opening issues

The Filament Independent Agency Forum has grown to over a dozen organizations representing a variety of communication firms. As we all get closer to the idea, if not reality, of reopening the forum conducted both qualitative research as well as a quantitative survey with nearly 500 employees respondents. The research dove into areas of concern… Read more »

Virtual training offerings at Filament

2020 created an enormous set of challenges for Filament since nearly 90% of work is done in person. While we needed to redesign or organization, we found that there are some significant advantages to changing to a zoom/webex format for training. Two things popped up as the biggest advantages. First, if most presentations are going… Read more »

Here is to a better 2021

Now that 2020 is in the rear view mirror, I think we can all breath a sigh of relief and hope that 2021 will be an improvement. While March and April were scary from both a personal and business standpoint, mid-June through the end of the year were incredibly busy. New clients, new projects, new… Read more »

Filament agency executive forum address mental health issues and WFH

As we move from fall to winter and outdoor opportunities dwindle, it is not surprising that mental health and Covid fatigue are becoming bigger and bigger issues.  Filament’s independent agency executive forum is tackling the issue head on and spent the entirety of the last two forum meetings discussing ways to help employees stay positive… Read more »

Is what we are experiencing 6 months into Covid-19 our new normal?

So many challenges faced agency executives in the first few months of Covid-19 When will we reopen? How will we reopen? How will we get work done with no one in the office? Fast forward 6 months and those issues seem like they don’t matter anymore and have been replaced with larger, industry-changing issues? How… Read more »

The furious pace of change during the Covid era

At the first independent agency forum meeting, much of the discussion centered on reopening the office. How do we keep people safe?  What percentage of staff should be in the office?  What would cause us to shut the office again?  Just two weeks later, at the second meeting, and reopening the office seems like a… Read more »

Filament launches independent ad agency forum to discuss Covid-19 issues

As we all work our way through Covid-19 issues, it occurred to me that our independent agency clients might benefit from Filament organizing a group of agency executive to discuss all of the issues that we are wrestling with as a result of the pandemic.   A few phone calls later, and we have 8 clients… Read more »

An odd end to the first quarter

While the first quarter was furiously busy, the end of March brought scary times. Hopefully, this will be short-lived but the news seems to get worse every day.  Stay safe everyone.