Nervous reactions can sabotage even the most highly skilled presenter. The result can be career limiting, since clients often get the impression that the presenter is either not smart, is under prepared or lacks knowledge - which couldn’t be further from the truth. Since nervous reactions vary by individual, this workshop covers tactics for managing different reactions along with how to develop a nerve management plan for performing more consistently and feeling more at ease.

This workshop will provide participants with dozens of tools to both manage nervousness and eliminate the outward signs of nervousness. The session is designed to help individuals develop a nerve management strategy that results in increased ability to perform under pressure allowing the nerves to take a back seat and the presentation to take the front seat.

  • Examining common nerve triggers, their causes and some suggested solutions for each
  • Developing a nerve management plan that will increase your presentation success rate
  • Learning tactics for handling Q&A when nervous
  • Avoiding common preparation mistakes that increase nerves
  • Understanding how Power Point can increase nerves and how do make PowerPoint work for you
  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Learning what physical habits reveal nervousness
  • Recovering from a nervous reaction during a presentation
  • Learning communication tactics that project a calm exterior (even if there are some nerves under the surface)



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