The core philosophy that sets Filament apart is that we believe the act of communicating is about revealing who you really are. It's not about imitating some other great presenter. Everyone has to develop their own way. Then and only then can people connect and relate to others whether it be in a presentation, meeting or casual conversation. Perhaps learning how to mimic another presenterís eye contact and mannerisms is good enough if you are a banker presenting to a bunch of accountants, but in the advertising industry, the presentation and communication bar is set very high.

As an industry, agencies are forced to rise above mediocre, mind numbing PowerPoint presentations and make not just a presentation to a client, but make a connection with a client. Filament's job is to give people the tools to make that connection.

This approach requires that Filament trainers look for unique techniques and provide feedback that will help each individual achieve their greatest potential with the least amount of resistance. When coached this way, Filamentís clients find they excel faster. They become inspired, more comfortable, less nervous, and more engaging communicators. The solution can be different for each individual. There is no magic pill, but there is a magic method.

By using seasoned coaches that are trained to be flexible enough to look for the unique key that unlocks each individual's communication potential, Filament coaches help people make great strides in their ability to communicate, manage and present.




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