Since Covid-19 has many employees working from home, both small and large conference room purchases will now be multi-site licenses so that all participants will be able to view the presentation from their homes. Simply select the small or large conference room option on the registration screen for the webinar you would like to purchase.

Management Skills for Women: Becoming the ideal manager

Managing at agencies is challenging, given the client-driven, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial nature of the business.  Vague bosses, demanding clients and getting the most from less experienced staff can be a challenge to the most skilled manager.  Add to this, double standards, gender pay gaps, work-life balance and the challenges continue to mount. Most management challenges… Read more »

The Why and How of Digital Strategy

Chances are that you are not a digital strategist.  There are not very many digital strategists in agencies.  You’re you, you’re brilliant! You make ads, you build new business, and you manage your client’s campaigns.  But do you know how it all fits together and why? So you may not be a strategist, but do… Read more »

Leading vs. Managing: Getting to Great

Managing is all about getting things done; leading is making sure agency teams are getting the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just deliver great work. They rally their teams to develop new opportunities and improve the process. Vision plays a part, but more so, the ability to translate high level thinking into simple… Read more »

Winning Remote Pitches: What Agencies Need to Know and Do to Win Work from Home Agency Reviews

Every client and agency has been forced to adapt to work from home during the pandemic. Experts advise that Work From Home will continue until there’s a vaccine – and best case, return to the office sometime during 2021. Even though the majority of clients “paused” reviews, many can’t wait any longer and are now… Read more »

Keeping Current Clients in a Covid World

While Covid has changed many things about running an agency, some things haven’t changed. Motivating employees. Finding new talent. Maintaining profitability. And, keeping current clients. Believing that necessity is the mother of invention Robb High interviewed executives from 63 agencies across the country, including agencies of all disciplines, to find out what approaches they have… Read more »

Crush the Call: Keeping People Engaged During Zoom Meetings

Before social distancing, in-person meetings were already becoming an endangered species. Business has adapted surprisingly well to the virtual world, but agencies need to be better. You need to be brilliant. Live interactions are the lifeblood of advertising…discussing ideas, reviewing results, getting others to agree. Unfortunately, video chats are 35% less effective. Holding attention was… Read more »

The Changing Role of Account Management

The changing needs of today’s agency environment require account leaders to demonstrate broader skills, leadership mindsets and partnership approaches to client relationships than in the past. Welcome to the new world order. While the foundational elements of account management are and will remain rock solid, it will be one’s ability to get ahead of the… Read more »

Build Long Term Client Relationships By Thinking Like A Client – Know Their Business & Get Insights To Set Strategic Direction

Too often clients perceive agencies as trying to “sell them something” whether it’s creative or a media buy vs. solving their problem and building their brand. No wonder their biggest complaint is the agency doesn’t understand our business. Many think the agency is focused more on producing great creative work that gets them awards and… Read more »

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