The Secrets to Keeping Clients Longer

Someone once said, “The only sure thing in our business is that you’ll lose business.” The cruel fact is that eventually all your current clients will go away. Client departures often disrupt an agency and frequently force it to lay off talented staff. Sometimes the event even forces the agency to go out of business…. Read more »

Slay Work Life Balance Like a Mother: How to Survive as a Working Mother in Advertising

Being a working mother is hard. Being a working mother in advertising is ridiculously hard.  Demanding client schedules and shoots across the country can often feel at odds with an end-goal of work-life balance. Based on her new book Slay Like a Mother, which Parade magazine named one of the “Top 10 self-help books for 2019”,… Read more »

The Adaptable Agency Model to Attract More Ideal Clients and Deliver Better, Faster, More Profitable Work

 “In 2020, agencies will either reassemble their process, workforce, and capability…or find themselves falling further into irrelevance.” — Forrester’s “Predictions 2020: Agency Report” Agency business strategy and operating models are misaligned with how clients are evolving and what they expect from agencies. Clients want best-in-class specialists who can fill specific gaps between their own in-house… Read more »

Management Skills for Women: Becoming the Ideal Manager

Managing at agencies is challenging, given the client-driven, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial nature of the business.  Vague bosses, demanding clients and getting the most from less experienced staff can be a challenge to the most skilled manager.  Add to this, double standards, gender pay gaps, work-life balance and the challenges continue to mount. Most management challenges… Read more »

A Creative Writes the Brief, with Luke Sullivan

The brief is the single most-complained about thing in most creative industries. “What are we supposed to do with this??” Every client, every agency, every planner, and every strategist has a different idea of what makes a great creative brief. So do creatives – and this is one creative’s answer.  Join author, ad veteran and… Read more »

Managing Agency/Client Relationships On Zoom or any Virtual Platform

How do you maintain and build client relationships without being face to face? We are no longer sitting in conference rooms presenting creative and business building ideas. We cannot see each other’s body language. It is hard to read the room and instead we have to read the ZOOM!  Communication must be more deliberate and… Read more »

The Changing Role of Account Management

The changing needs of today’s agency environment require account leaders to demonstrate broader skills, leadership mindsets and partnership approaches to client relationships than in the past. Welcome to the new world order. While the foundational elements of account management are and will remain rock solid, it will be one’s ability to get ahead of the… Read more »

Improve Your RFP Win Rate with Chris Shumaker

Gain momentum by using your response as a strategic Trojan horse.   Despite how most agencies feel about completing the dreaded RFP or RFI, the fact of the matter is, they are not going away in the foreseeable future. RFPs are a screening tool that will be around for a while longer. So, rather than… Read more »

The 11 Agency/Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

Losing clients not only impedes growth, it’s bad for agency morale. Yet agencies frequently miss the warning signs of a client relationship in distress. In 2015, after a series of client losses, TBWA\WorldHealth took a radical approach. They set the goal of 100% client retention. The agency identified 11 early warning signs of a troubled… Read more »

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