Competing Against Larger Agencies with Michael Farmer

Smaller agencies, particularly independently owned smaller agencies, have been used to thinking that they are the “poor cousins” of the advertising industry, operating in the shadow of the larger, famous branded advertising agencies whose reputations were established during the Mad Men era. Smaller agencies often believe that they are at a disadvantage when pitching for… Read more »

17 New Business Mistakes Agencies Make; And How To Avoid Them

Nearly all agencies approach new business development the same way . . . the way they’ve always done it. As a result they have fallen victim to mistaken beliefs like: We don’t need a prospect list; we get referrals Prospecting is just about “cold calling” so why bother You have to sell hard if you… Read more »

Paid in Full: How to Stop Scope Creep at Your Agency

Got clients who feel entitled to free work from your agency? You’ve got scope creep—and the problem is hurting your profit margins and frustrating your team.  Fortunately, you can turn this all-too-common agency problem into a profitable opportunity! In this Filament WebClinic, veteran agency consultant Karl Sakas will share how to ensure you get paid… Read more »

Getting Digital Right: Why Advertising Agencies Suck at Digital

Digital projects seem to be able to go to a bad place in an instant.  You hired the right person. Invested in the right technology. Followed the right process. But every time after landing a new project, there’s that sick feeling in the pit of the team’s stomach….the digital just isn’t right and problems arise… Read more »

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