Since Covid-19 has many employees working from home, both small and large conference room purchases will now be multi-site licenses so that all participants will be able to view the presentation from their homes. Simply select the small or large conference room option on the registration screen for the webinar you would like to purchase.

Generating Great Creative in the Current Marketing Landscape

Anyone who talks to an ad agency creative bemoans the current situation and laments the good ol’ days. Ideas are no longer a headline with a great photograph. They are much more. More interesting and more exciting if you have the right perspective. This is not only bad for moral but not helpful when trying… Read more »

Putting the Power in PowerPoint Decks: Creating slide decks that motivate your audience

If PowerPoint is such useful tool, why are the decks so brutal to sit through? In person meetings can be bad enough but the virtual environment to the mix and it gets even worse where you can either feel lost in sea of data on the slide or confused as to what part of the… Read more »

Creating an Agency Position That Stands Out in the Marketplace

Quick, can you describe your agency in an interesting, relevant, and differentiating way in 30 seconds? If not, you haven’t devoted the necessary time and energy in defining your agency’s positioning strategy. A clear, differentiating positioning strategy is the foundation of success because it answers the critical questions of what you do (the answer can’t… Read more »

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