The 11 Agency/Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

Losing clients not only impedes growth, it’s bad for agency morale. Yet agencies frequently miss the warning signs of a client relationship in distress. In 2015, after a series of client losses, TBWA\WorldHealth took a radical approach. They set the goal of 100% client retention. The agency identified 11 early-warning signs of a troubled relationship,… Read more »

Managing Nerves during Presentations, Pitches & Q&A

Nervous reactions can sabotage even the most highly skilled presenter.  The result can be career distressing in a number of ways and give the wrong impression to clients and peers.  It is one thing to have presentation butterflies in your stomach, but what if we could get them to fly in formation?  Since nervous reactions… Read more »

Engaging Your Team in Critical Thinking

It is our nature to think—we all do it, obviously.  However, a good share of our thinking is biased, distorted, or incomplete. Critical thinking is an essential skill for both managers and day to day staff.  Critical thinking ensures we pose the right questions, view others’ viewpoints with merit, and challenge assumptions in strategic thinking,… Read more »

Selling Creative Work to Clients and Prospects

The challenge with getting clients to accept great creative work is that the client often cannot see what makes the creative great.  This webinar will give you tools and language necessary to generate enthusiasm for  your ideas and most importantly, help you get clients to willingly and enthusiastically follow your recommendations. This webinar is designed… Read more »

Leading vs. Managing: Getting to Great

Managing is all about getting things done; leading is making sure agency teams are getting the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just deliver great work. They rally their teams to develop new opportunities and improve the process. Vision plays a part, but more so, the ability to translate high level thinking into simple… Read more »

The Art of Prospecting for New Business with Robb High

The Most Common Agency New Business Strategy: “Lying in the middle of the road and waiting to get run over.” Why prospecting is an insurance policy for a healthy agency.  Almost all agencies occasionally send out examples of their work or promotional emails explaining how amazing they are to a list of 30-40 prospects.  But when no… Read more »

Your agency’s positioning in 30 seconds: Positioning your agency for new business success

Quick, can you describe your agency in an interesting, relevant, and differentiating way in 30 seconds? If not, you haven’t devoted the necessary time and energy in defining your agency’s positioning strategy. A clear, differentiating positioning strategy is the foundation of success because it answers the critical questions of what you do (the answer can’t… Read more »

Defending Creative Work Without Sounding Defensive

Getting a client excited about an idea, is an important step in getting a concept accepted.  But nearly all creative work will illicit some observations or “suggestions” from a client or prospect.  How a creative or account person handles that suggestion goes a long way toward whether that concept will be accepted or not by… Read more »

How to Not Suck as a Creative Director: or Managing Creatives, with Luke Sullivan

“My brother, he’s crazy. He thinks he’s a chicken. We’d take him to a psychiatrist, but we need the eggs.” –Woody Allen.  And that’s pretty much the problem with managing creatives. Yes, they’re kind of crazy, but we need the eggs. The question is how do we manage people who don’t like to be managed?… Read more »

Turning Research into Insights

In a world where there’s more information readily available than ever before, available information is rarely translating into available insights. Turning information into insights means going beyond the facts, into thinking about how new learning can drive meaningful action. Join Robin Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy, who will demystify the process of turning research into… Read more »

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