Since Covid-19 has many employees working from home, both small and large conference room purchases will now be multi-site licenses so that all participants will be able to view the presentation from their homes. Simply select the small or large conference room option on the registration screen for the webinar you would like to purchase.

Happy client or profitable client? Ways to have both

Many agencies (and account people) feel that keeping their client happy means giving in on extra deliverables, tighter deadlines, and creative adjustments that are often out-of-scope.  Some clients will brazenly announce “Your agency needs to invest in our business.”  Granted, this is obnoxious but, the bigger issue is the more your agency tries to keep… Read more »

Turning Conversations Into Customers: How to sell, when you hate selling

If you despise cold calling, dread networking, and feel like interrupting folks via their inbox and social media feed is a painful waste of time, you are right. While traditional sales techniques might work for some people, as a closet introvert and networking phobic, Tom has spent years finding ways to create leads using a… Read more »

The 11 Agency/Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

Losing clients not only impedes growth, it’s bad for agency morale. Yet agencies frequently miss the warning signs of a client relationship in distress. In 2015, after a series of client losses, TBWA\WorldHealth took a radical approach. They set the goal of 100% client retention. The agency identified 11 early-warning signs of a troubled relationship,… Read more »

Why Agencies Win Pitches

New business is the engine that drives agency growth and frequently the difference between winning a pitch and coming in “second” is very small.  Having a few new tools in your new business toolbox can be just what is needed to raise your agency’s win rate. This session reviews the most typical issues that agencies… Read more »

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