The Changing Role of Account Management

The changing needs of today’s agency environment require account leaders to demonstrate broader skills, leadership mindsets and partnership approaches to client relationships than in the past. Welcome to the new world order. While the foundational elements of account management are and will remain rock solid, it will be one’s ability to get ahead of the… Read more »

The Impact of Digital on Creative

Have we traded heart strings for data sets? The balance between meaningful and measurable in advertising has been off, and brands are starting to take notice.  After years of chasing the wrong short-term, digital metrics, brands are shifting from marketing efficiency to marketing effectiveness. Many organizations are over-investing in digital and performance marketing at the… Read more »

The 11 Agency/Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

Losing clients not only impedes growth, it’s bad for agency morale. Yet agencies frequently miss the warning signs of a client relationship in distress.  In 2015, after a series of client losses, TBWA\WorldHealth took a radical approach. They set the goal of 100% client retention. The agency identified 11 early warning signs of a troubled… Read more »

Putting Innovation at the Core of Your New Business Efforts

Your job:  Help your agency become what clients need, before clients even know it’s what they need.  In most agencies, innovation and new business have nothing to do with each other. This means most agencies are missing out on huge opportunities.  To win future business, we know that we can’t simply keep doing what we… Read more »

What Senior Creative Directors Know that Younger Creatives Don’t (And vice versa)

The challenge for many younger creatives is that their older, more experienced CDs either don’t have time to mentor and teach them, or often their agency hasn’t been able to afford keeping more senior people around for guidance. For younger creatives, their only way forward is to make mistakes, sometimes costly to their agency or… Read more »

Profit, Productivity & Client Delight: Digital Project Management for Account Service

Want to advance your career?  Want to learn how to keep your client(s) happy, collaborate with production, and keep your projects on time and on budget? Then you need to be proficient at project management!    A top driver of campaign success and profitability – the effective management of the project can be the backbone… Read more »

The Agency Website: What Prospects Look For

The agency website is a prospect’s first impression of your agency. 100% of prospects check out the web sites of the agencies they’re considering before they contact the agency. If your site isn’t presenting the agency effectively, you can expect the agency to be crossed off the consideration list. The problem with most agency sites… Read more »

Growing and Profiting from Project Work

It’s no secret that project work is increasing while predictable AOR relationships are on the decline. And the decline is likely to continue, especially among small and mid-sized agencies.   Accepting this trend can mean the difference between agency survival and failure.  But… embracing it and learning to love it can lead to thriving success.  It… Read more »

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