The Top Legal Mistakes You’re Making in Agency New Business: How to Fix Them

Agency new business is exciting, stressful, and fast-moving, all at once. Agencies busily navigating new business opportunities, while managing their current client deadlines and other agency business, can easily make a misstep or oversight that can cause unintended legal or financial consequences, like a loss of valuable intellectual property rights, or increased liability.  It doesn’t… Read more »

The Art of Long Range Planning: A Guide to Sustainable Agency Growth

Are you expecting your growth goals to be filled by new business?  Without a long range agency plan to sustain that growth, new business alone just may not get it done.  A sustainable growth strategy takes into account a holistic approach including aspects of your business that are often overlooked. Having a strategic and sustainable growth vision is… Read more »

Creating An Award Winning Agency Corporate Culture That Reinforces Your Brand

There is a common misconception that “branding” is something done externally; that branding is just the logo or color palette, or your ad campaign.  Many agencies don’t recognize or understand the importance of internal branding and how it creates a strong culture. However, the most critical element for creating a successful agency is having a strong… Read more »

CRUSH THE CALL: How Agencies Win From Remote Locations

“Just send it to me and we’ll talk about it over the phone.” As in-person meetings go the way of the dinosaur, agency professionals who live and die by presenting their work in convincing fashion have to adapt.  Laptops and smartphones made it hard enough to hold an audience’s attention, but it’s virtually impossible when… Read more »

How to update your agency operating model to supercharge your performance: Better work, stronger financials, passionate employees

Helping your clients deliver effective brand communications is more complicated than ever. New communication opportunities for brands to interact with consumers seem to pop up every day. As the number of channels continues to rise, consumer buying behavior continues to evolve. They expect seamless, personalized experiences across all of their touchpoints.  In return, clients expect… Read more »

Marketing to Moms: Moving beyond sunny kitchens and sudsy dishes

Moms are begging for better advertising from advertising agencies and advertisers and it’s no wonder that 3 out of 4 moms (who control 85% of all household purchases) say that brands today don’t understand what it’s like to be a mother.  When developing advertising for mom-focused brands do you find yourself stifled by industry standards… Read more »

Selling Creative Work to Clients and Prospects

The challenge with getting clients to accept great creative work is that the client often cannot see what makes the creative great.  The creative staff and the client simply think differently and overcoming that challenge can be the key to getting work approved. Join Mark Schnurman as he provides you with the tools and language… Read more »

Defending Creative Work Without Getting Defensive

Getting a client excited about an idea is an important step in getting a concept accepted.  But nearly all creative work will elicit some observations or “suggestions” from a client or prospect.  How a creative or account person handles that suggestion goes a long way toward whether that concept will be accepted or not by… Read more »

A Creative Writes the Brief, with Luke Sullivan

The brief is the single most-complained about thing in most creative industries. “What are we supposed to do with this??” Every client, every agency, every planner, and every strategist has a different idea of what makes a great creative brief. So do creatives – and this is one creative’s answer.  Join author, ad veteran and… Read more »

How to Not Suck as a Creative Director: or Managing Creatives, with Luke Sullivan

“My brother, he’s crazy. He thinks he’s a chicken. We’d take him to a psychiatrist, but we need the eggs.” –Woody Allen.  And that’s pretty much the problem with managing creatives. Yes, they’re kind of crazy, but we need the eggs. The question is how do we manage people who don’t like to be managed?… Read more »

Getting To Wow: Turning Boring Business Data Into Stories That Sell

Big data has forever transformed the advertising business and not just in digital marketing and social media. Whether it is budget levels or campaign performance, in account management, media and analytics, everyone is required to prove their opinions. Unfortunately, most senior agency leaders and clients lament that while their people are good at getting the… Read more »

Optimizing Client Relationships: Building Productive Partnerships through Incentive Compensation

The Agency/Client relationship has been under much duress in the past two decades; involvement of Client Marketing Procurement, several severe economic shocks impacting both particular sectors and the economy as a whole, and most recently, the erosion of trust resulting from media rebate and transaction transparency issues. The commission mode of compensation has dwindled as… Read more »

How to Adopt Agile Principles and Lean Philosophy to Keep Up with Modern Marketers

Marketers are evaluating agency partners based on a new set of criteria that goes beyond creativity – your speed, agility, and value. Forward-thinking CMOs are transforming their organizations to increase the nimbleness of their teams. Industry research reports continue to confirm that “Agile marketing” adoption rates are rising among in-house marketing teams.  As an agency… Read more »

The Art of Prospecting for New Business with Robb High

The Most Common Agency New Business Strategy: “Lying in the middle of the road and waiting to get run over.” Why prospecting is an insurance policy for a healthy agency.  Almost all agencies occasionally send out examples of their work or promotional emails explaining how amazing they are to a list of 30-40 prospects.  But when no… Read more »

— Would you like to view a previous webinar?

If you would like to view a webclinic that has already been conducted, we keep videos of the webclinic up for a short time (few weeks) after the webclinic has been conducted.  Email Bob Linden at with the name of the webclinic you would like to view. Then purchase single user, small conference room… Read more »