Since Covid-19 has many employees working from home, both small and large conference room purchases will now be multi-site licenses so that all participants will be able to view the presentation from their homes. Simply select the small or large conference room option on the registration screen for the webinar you would like to purchase.

Digital Project Management for Account Service

Want to advance your career?  Want to learn how to keep your client(s) happy, collaborate with production, and keep your projects on time and on budget? Then you need to be proficient at project management!    A top driver of campaign success and profitability – the effective management of the project can be the backbone… Read more »

Confessions of a Hypercritical Client: What Your Clients Are Not Telling You

Clients can be frustrating with unreal expectations, last minute rushes, endless direction changes and redo’s. But too often, they feel pushback and wonder if their agency partner really gets it. Agency says “We’ll think about it,” clients hear “Not doing it”.  Agency says “We’re working on it,” client hears “They are not going to make… Read more »

Negotiation Skills for Account Staff

Negotiation is a part of any account person’s daily experience.   Whether we are talking about timelines, logo size, strategic ideas, internal resources, media spends…everything is negotiable.  The challenge is that these negotiations happen so frequently that often our first impulse is to resolve them quickly. However, these daily negotiations can set the tone for the entire… Read more »

The Agency Website: What Prospects Look For

The agency website is a prospect’s first impression of your agency. 100% of prospects check out the web sites of the agencies they’re considering before they contact the agency. If your site isn’t presenting the agency effectively, you can expect the agency to be crossed off the consideration list. The problem with most agency sites… Read more »

Can this Client/Agency Marriage Be Saved?

Do we know how to read distant early warnings of clients looking elsewhere? Are we taking current clients for granted while we’re so busy chasing shining new business? Do we know how to avoid the unpleasant notice from a client saying, “you’re fired?” An agency should never be surprised if it is going to be… Read more »

How To Build A Major Agency (in 3 not so easy steps) with Jon Bond

When it comes to building a major, successful agency, Jon Bond has been there, done that. At the age of 29, Jon Co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, a New York City advertising agency that pioneered guerilla marketing techniques including sidewalk advertising, pop up stores, and other forms of what would eventually come to be known as viral… Read more »

Developing and Training the Next Generation of Account Management

Take a couple of minutes and think about the current state of your agency’s account management department. How are your account managers being mentored and coached? How are you instilling in them the courage and resourcefulness to adapt to changing conditions and to lead growth? What are you doing to develop their leadership IQ? What… Read more »

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