If the client is being vague or there is tension on your team, the agency can't produce its best work. Team communication training has two primary objectives. First, helping teams understand the differences within the agency (or with clients) and becoming more aware of how to use those differences to their advantage. Second, avoiding and/or more quickly resolving, conflict.

Team communication training is important for agencies since the field also tends to attract smart individuals that are passionate about their ideas. This is great for creative thinking, but when you combine this element with diversity, a breakneck work pace and long hours, you pay the price with increased stress and sometimes communication breakdown.

As we often say to our clients “You are in the business of advertising. But in order to get your best work produced, you also have to be an expert in communication.”

  • Typical components include:
  • Increasing cooperation & clarity among departments or offices and clients
  • Lowering drama and creating more rational thinking
  • Learning how to diffuse stressful communication situations
  • Increasing team rapport & flexibility


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