All of Filament's services are designed to help the agency grow. We do this in a number of ways: Sometimes helping an agency grow involves consulting on a specific new business pitch or taking a fresh look at the pitch process. Or it can be about helping people become better at articulating their ideas and presenting. Sometimes it is coaching creative staff on how to sell their ideas to clients so they can produce more of their best work.

Other times the road to growth is less obvious: It could be helping new managers grow into their job, helping them to create a culture of accountability and engagement on their team. Or it can be about helping account teams grow existing accounts and avoid getting too caught up in the day to day.

Regardless of the relationship that we develop with an agency to help them grow, the tools that Filament uses are the same: A keen understanding of the advertising industry and a commitment to uncovering the specific techniques that will allow each person to become better communicators, so the agency can manifest its best thinking into real work.


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