Social Media and Content Marketing Done Right: The Legal Tools Every Agency Creative and Leader Needs

The legal heat has been turned up significantly on marketers using social media and content marketing and, more recently, native advertising tactics. New FTC guidelines and increased regulatory enforcement have raised stakes for both brands AND agencies. And in addition to the regulatory hurdles, marketers need to be knowledgeable about legal issues including copyright infringement,… Read more »

Content Strategy: What you need to know

Whether you call it “branded content, content, content strategy, content development, social content” or any other term.  These terms now flow from everyone’s tongues like honey.  But what do they really mean? What do you as a marketer or agency strategist really need to know and understand? On one hand, it’s simply not the case… Read more »

Leading vs. Managing: Getting to Great

Managing is all about getting things done; leading is making sure agency teams are getting the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just deliver great work. They rally their teams to develop new opportunities and improve the process. Vision plays a part, but more so, the ability to translate high level thinking into simple… Read more »

Knowledge = Profit: What account/creative/media staff need to know about agency finances

In today’s economic challenges, agencies need to pay more attention than ever to getting the money right. Account leaders, creatives and media staff in the agency who aren’t in the accounting or finance departments need to understand how their agencies make money, how to make sure the agency is getting paid and making a profit,… Read more »

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: And Its Effect on Hiring

As someone tasked with hiring staff….you know that a more diverse staff leads to more creativity and relationships with clients, yet agencies still wind up hiring the same types of people.  Diversity seems to come in conflict with hiring people that fit the agency’s culture or hiring people that we like.  The challenge is how… Read more »

Don’t Leave Money on the Table: Negotiating Client Contracts from a Position of Strength

You’ve just gotten the call from the client and it’s good news. After weeks (or months) of hard work, long hours, and sacrifice, your agency has won the business. It’s time to celebrate – almost. No deal is done until the contract is signed. Unfortunately, a lot of agencies rush through this process in the… Read more »

Digital Project Management: Strategically Managing Expectations and Outcomes

Bringing teams together to make things happen. At the highest level, that’s the role of a Digital Project Manager. However, there are several unique challenges and rewards that come with this role. The project scope doubled overnight? Time to contact the Digital Project Manager. A huge prospect needs a brief ready by Monday morning? Time… Read more »

Leveraging Creative Tension

One of the most effective ways to jump start the creative process and get to big ideas faster, is by leveraging creative tensions; by using polarities to spark story. Wherever you find conflict or opposing energies, you’ll find conflict. And where you find conflict, you find the rudiments of story. These tensions can come from… Read more »

Making Paid Social Media Work Harder For Your Brands

Your brand is already using social to build a community and drive awareness — but how much have you leveraged some of the most powerful ad platforms on the planet — social paid media? Between Facebook app installs campaigns, Twitter lead-gen promotions, LinkedIn sponsored content, Instagram retail ads and Snapchat geo-filters — find out how… Read more »

Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent

While technology may reduce the need for physical labor, it has also made each new hire more critical to fulfilling the needs of an organization.  This, coupled with a decline in the working population and a more mobile talent pool, has increased pressure to attract and retain value-added talent in an increasing competitive market.   It… Read more »

What Prospects are Looking for in Your Agency Website

The agency website is a prospect’s first impression of your agency. 100% of prospects check out the web sites of the agencies they’re considering before they contact the agency. If your site isn’t presenting the agency effectively, you can expect the agency to be crossed off the consideration list. The problem with most agency sites… Read more »

Would you like to view a previous WebClinic?

If you would like to view a webclinic that has already been conducted, we keep videos of the webclinic up for a short time (few weeks) after the webclinic has been conducted.  Email Bob Linden at with the name of the webclinic you would like to view. Then purchase single user, small conference room… Read more »