How To Evaluate Creative Ideas and Make Them Better with Tracy Wong

We’re in a business driven by creative ideas. And we succeed and fail based on the quality of those ideas. But has anyone ever told you how to evaluate an idea? Or explained to you what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and how to tell the difference? Better yet, how to… Read more »

Increasing Your Bottom Line: What You Need To Become A Highly Profitable Agency

Highly profitable agencies are to be envied.  Common traits among those agencies: They are award winning, innovative, have successful and trusted clients, efficient, have great client relationships, are considered thought leaders, have incredibly innovative/motivated employees and yes, they are highly profitable.  These agencies consistently generate profit margins between 20% to 30% and some even higher…. Read more »

The Art of Creative Testing: Keeping an Open Mind

On September 21, join Robin Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy LLC, and Allison O’Keefe Wright, EVP, Managing Director, Research and Strategy, Open Mind Strategy LLC, who will provide key strategies for executing actionable and effective Creative Testing.  This webinar will offer best practices (for when you are conducting testing of your own work) as well… Read more »

The Agency Website: What Prospects Look For

The agency website is a prospect’s first impression of your agency. 100% of prospects check out the web sites of the agencies they’re considering before they contact the agency. If your site isn’t presenting the agency effectively, you can expect the agency to be crossed off the consideration list. The problem with most agency sites… Read more »

Thriving as a Female Manager in the Male Dominated Ad Industry

Managing at agencies is challenging, given the client-driven, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial nature of the business.  Vague bosses, demanding clients and getting the most from less experienced staff can be a challenge to the most skilled manager.  Add to this, gender pay gaps, work-life balance, double standards and the challenges continue to mount. Most management challenges… Read more »

Getting to Great: Managing the Business vs. Leading Agency Teams

Managing is all about getting things done; leading agency teams is inspiring them to get the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just produce great work. They rally their people to develop new opportunities and improve the process. Vision plays a part, but even more, the ability to translate high level thinking into concrete actions…focus… Read more »

A Creative Writes The Brief with Luke Sullivan

The brief is the single most-complained about thing in most creative industries. “What are we supposed to do with this??” Every client, every agency, every planner, and every strategist has a different idea of what makes a great creative brief. So do creatives – and this is one creative’s answer. On October 5, join author,… Read more »

Creating Strategic Messaging That Persuades, Energizes and Inspires: How Agencies Can Use Storytelling To Build Brands

Communicating an organization’s purpose, programs, and offerings is increasingly critical to all firms but the client’s inclination, to be descriptive and factual just does not work today if it ever did.  Today’s disinterested and skeptical audience will likely ignore such messaging and, even when those messages get through, they will usually be forgotten or distorted. … Read more »

Selling Creative Work to Clients and Prospects

The challenge with getting clients to accept great creative work is that the client often cannot see what makes the creative great.   On October 16, join Mark Schnurman as he provides you with the tools and language necessary to generate enthusiasm for your ideas and, most importantly, help you get clients to willingly and… Read more »

A Planner Writes the Brief

The creative brief, in simplest terms, distills and summarizes the agency’s strategic thinking, in order to give the creative team clear direction in the creation of advertising.  In most agencies the defining role of the account planner is leading the development of the creative brief. In fact, it’s often the most tangible output of the… Read more »

How to Convert More New Business with Better Storytelling with Laurie Coots

When it comes to an important new business pitch or meeting, agencies tend to pull out all the stops; agencies do research, bring target audience insights to life and develop and deliver killer creative campaigns and programs in the hopes of winning the business. What we tend to forget is how to bundle it all up,… Read more »

Digital Project Management: Strategically Managing Expectations and Outcomes

Managing all the moving parts of digital projects – that’s the role of a Digital Project Manager. With digital projects, however, new techniques are needed to succeed and thrive.  Changing priorities? New deadlines or resource changes? Scope Creep? Just keeping current on current technologies and what can be done is tough enough. Although adapting to change is… Read more »

How to Not Suck as a Creative Director: How to Manage Creatives with Luke Sullivan

“My brother, he’s crazy. He thinks he’s a chicken. We’d take him to a psychiatrist, but we need the eggs.” –Woody Allen. And that’s pretty much the problem with managing creatives. Yes, they’re kind of crazy, but we need the eggs. The question is how do we manage people who don’t like to be managed?… Read more »

The Art of Prospecting for New Business

The Most Common Agency New Business Strategy: “Lying in the middle of the road and waiting to get run over.”  Why prospecting is an insurance policy for a healthy agency. Almost all agencies occasionally send out examples of their work or promotional emails explaining how amazing they are to a list of 30-40 prospects.  But when no… Read more »

Defending Creative Work Without Getting Defensive

Getting a client excited about an idea is an important step in getting a concept accepted.  But nearly all creative work will elicit some observations or “suggestions” from a client or prospect.  How a creative or account person handles that suggestion goes a long way toward whether that concept will be accepted or not by… Read more »

Why you lost the pitch: What prospects are not telling you about your new business pitch

You did your homework, created a deck and rehearsed the pitch time and time again only to get the dreaded… “You came in second place” phone call.  As we all know, by some mystery of math…everyone came in second place. When it comes down to it, the prospect has two goals for that phone call.  First,… Read more »

Crafting Killer Presentations: Bringing Agency Ideas To Life

In the agency world, there’s nothing worse than being trapped for hours in a conference room squinting at a wall or staring blankly at a handout crammed full of pie charts, spreadsheets and hundreds of words in 8-point font. There’s also nothing less motivating when the message gets lost in the mess. Smart, passionate people… Read more »

Applying Agile Practices to Accelerate Agency Growth: How to create team workflow and structure to reduce costs, increase capacity and elevate quality

Many advertising and marketing agencies are struggling to deliver increasing amounts of digital and project-based work with their current operating model. Their margins, quality of work, team morale, and client experience suffer as a result. If this touches a nerve, it’s time to rethink how your agency works. On December 11, join Brian Kessman, agency… Read more »

Would you like to view a previous WebClinic?

If you would like to view a webclinic that has already been conducted, we keep videos of the webclinic up for a short time (few weeks) after the webclinic has been conducted.  Email Bob Linden at with the name of the webclinic you would like to view. Then purchase single user, small conference room… Read more »