Engaging Procurement and Revamping the Agency-Client Compensation Dialogue

The significant involvement of the procurement function in shaping the business relationship between clients and their marketing service providers is a relatively recent phenomenon, emerging as a common factor in marketing service negotiations in just the last twenty years. Today’s agencies typically face imposing challenges and questions in understanding the role of procurement in the… Read more »

401(k) Sales Opportunities & Process for Financial Advisors — Oct. 18 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Qualified retirement plans represent a massive opportunity for Financial Advisors to provide value to investors and grow their practices. Yet, many professionals choose to stay away from this area of the business…why is that?  With increased scrutiny and regulation, along with decreased profit margins for financial professionals and service providers, retirement plans have changed a… Read more »

Women in Finance: Succeeding in a Male Dominated Field — Oct. 20 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Let’s face it, women managing and working in a male dominated industry can be challenging. It’s not as simple as emulating your male boss’s style, since if you do, you might be labeled as “abrasive” or “aggressive” or worse. During this webinar we will discuss how to find the proper tone of voice and approach… Read more »

Turning Data Into Brand Stories

These days we have more data than ever, but to make that data worth anything, you have to know how to discern the signal from the noise. Most important to remember, it’s not how much you know, but what you do with it. In short, it’s never been more critical to hone your skills for… Read more »

Why Niche Marketing Greatly Expands Your Assets Under Management and How to Position Yourself as “The Expert Financial Advisor” in Your Desired Niche — Nov. 1 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Why Niche Marketing Greatly Expands Your Assets Under Management and How to Position Yourself as “The Expert Financial Advisor” in Your Desired Niche Most financial advisors tend to work with anybody that has investable assets above a certain threshold and they tend to market themselves with that mindset.  They are “generalists” that inevitably become subject… Read more »

Defending Creative Work Without Getting Defensive

Getting a client excited about an idea is an important step in getting a concept accepted.  But nearly all creative work will elicit some observations or “suggestions” from a client or prospect.  How a creative or account person handles that suggestion goes a long way toward whether that concept will be accepted or not by… Read more »

Managing Nerves during Presentations, Meetings and Q&A — Nov. 3 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Nervous reactions can sabotage even the most highly skilled presenter.  The result can be career limiting, since clients often get the impression that the presenter is either not smart, is under prepared  or lacks knowledge – which couldn’t  be further from the truth.  Since nervous reactions vary by individual, this webinar covers tactics for managing… Read more »

How To Not Suck As A Creative Director: How To Manage Creatives With Luke Sullivan

Every creative spends their junior years muttering under their breath, “When I become a creative director, I’ll never treat people like this.”  And what happens? As my favorite-boss-ever, Mike Hughes once confided, “Being a great creative doesn’t mean you’ll be a great creative director. You know, I wasn’t exactly a stellar creative, but I’m not doing… Read more »

Confessions of a Hypercritical Client: What Your Clients Are Not Telling You

Clients can be frustrating with unreal expectations, last minute rushes, endless direction changes and redo’s. But too often, they feel pushback and wonder if their agency partner really gets it. Agency says “We’ll think about it,” clients hear “Not doing it”.  Agency says “We’re working on it,” client hears “They are not going to make… Read more »

Project Management for Account Managers

Every agency has its own process for managing workflow. In some agencies, account managers are responsible for both managing projects as well as client relationships. In others, separate project management teams move the work through the agency. But no matter how the agency’s workflow process is structured, project management proficiency can mean the difference between… Read more »

Make Your Practice Stand Out From the Crowd: Stop Being Just Another, Me Too, Advisor — Nov. 29 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Most financial professionals struggle because they get lost among all their competitors. Successful practitioners, those that thrive, differentiate themselves. They showcase themselves as being special. They stand out from the crowd and so can you Differentiating your financial advisory practice from your competitors is essential for your success. If you don’t, you’re just a commodity,… Read more »

Prospect smAARt and Avoid the Pitch – Tips from AAR Agency Search Consultants — Dec. 5 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

Avoid the pitch??  But that’s the backbone of new business? Nope. It’s the hole inside your pocket where your agency spends multiples of thousands of dollars every year.  You only have a one in three or more typically, a one in four chance of winning the account! At the end of the year, a 50%… Read more »

Stopping the Endless Cycle of Long, Unproductive Meetings

At nearly every agency, meetings that go on too long and accomplish too little are a huge issue. Whether the meeting was derailed by a lack of planning, a speaker who did not know when to stop talking or a simple lack of clarity…it is time for agencies to put an end to the huge… Read more »

The Art of Prospecting for New Business

The Most Common Agency New Business Strategy: “Lying in the middle of the road and waiting to get run over.” Why prospecting is an insurance policy for a healthy agency. Almost all agencies occasionally send out examples of their work or promotional emails explaining how amazing they are to a list of 30-40 prospects.  But… Read more »

Would you like to view a previous WebClinic?

If you would like to view a webclinic that has already been conducted, we keep videos of the webclinic up for a short time (few weeks) after the webclinic has been conducted.  Email Bob Linden at bob.linden@filamentinc.com with the name of the webclinic you would like to view. Then purchase single user, small conference room… Read more »