Developing persuasion skills in agency staff, whether they are account, strategy, creative or digital, is a critical component in getting clients to say "yes" to your agency's ideas. Having spent years helping agencies improve their core communication skills, it became apparent that the missing skills was persuasion. Understanding not just how to present ideas but how to be persuasive is the key to getting approval from clients. Filament Inc's Persuasion Training Workshop develops a number of persuasion skills including:
  • Understanding How to Present Ideas as Solutions to Client's Business Problems
  • Crafting Persuasive Messages to Overcome Risk Averse Clients
  • Defending Ideas and Handling Client Questions and Objections
  • Establishing Personal Credibility & Trust in Presentations and Meetings
  • Presenting Messages with Genuine Enthusiasm & Conviction
  • Learning How to Avoid Common Obstacles to Client Approval
  • Managing Tension & Building Rapport with Clients


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