Daily negotiations and simple asks can shift the tone of the agency's relationship from trusted advisor to vendor status. This shows up as order-taking, clients dictating creative or strategy, tightening deadlines, excessive scope creep, burned out teams and increased tension between account and creative teams. As the client starts to dictate terms and the agency starts order-taking, both the agency's product and the agency's value to the client erode, creating an unprofitable and unhappy client.

Some of the areas addressed during training:
  • Identifying and responding better to client pressure tactics and avoiding scope creep
  • Understanding when the client has shifted from a conversation to a negotiation
  • Shifting the tone of your client relationship from order-taker to trusted advisor
  • Gaining more control and leverage by increasing awareness of the negotiation cycle and deploying new tactics
  • Understanding the link between client happiness (giving in on everything) and agency profitability
  • Recognizing the difference between relationship building and trust building
  • Learning how to say no in a way that reinforces the agency's position as advisor
  • Avoiding common agency habits that can weaken your position
  • Improving internal negotiation dynamics between account and creative


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