As much as it would be wonderful if the work sold itself, that is simply not true. Clients and prospects need to be sold on the greatness of an idea. As a result, creative and digital team members face different challenges presenting and selling their work compared to the challenges that face account, media and strategy folks. The goal of this session is to help creatives have their work more readily approved by both existing clients and prospective clients. Some skills that this workshop develops include:
  • Building creative staff’s business credibility so that the client listens to them
  • Selling the idea instead of the execution
  • Defending work without sounding defensive
  • Using clear, definitive language to present concepts as opposed to saying “cool” or “fun”
  • Projecting enthusiasm for the work that comes across as genuine
  • Handling nerves more effectively
  • Improving physical communication skills -- eye contact, movement, eliminating filler words (um)



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