The furious pace of change during the Covid era

At the first independent agency forum meeting, much of the discussion centered on reopening the office. How do we keep people safe?  What percentage of staff should be in the office?  What would cause us to shut the office again?  Just two weeks later, at the second meeting, and reopening the office seems like a pipe dream. Now the priority is how do we make work from home as effective as possible?  How do we keep employees engaged?  How do we keep clients engaged? How do creative teams (and all teams) better collaborate from a distance?

It is amazing how things are changing so quickly. Reopening the office seems like an almost silly proposition. Working from home appears as if it will be with us for a long time. Now the focus is how do we make WFH as good as we can make it.

The issues change drastically from over the course of just a few weeks. It certainly is a trying time.

Stay safe everyone…