Filament launches independent ad agency forum to discuss Covid-19 issues

As we all work our way through Covid-19 issues, it occurred
to me that our independent agency clients might benefit from Filament organizing
a group of agency executive to discuss all of the issues that we are wrestling
with as a result of the pandemic.   A few phone calls later, and we have 8 clients
scheduled to meet every other week to discuss issues like re-opening plans, pitching
new business remotely, maintaining culture and morale and a variety of other

The forum is a collection of regionally diverse agencies ranging from 50 staff members to over 400.  The agencies are also diverse in their offerings including full-service agencies, public relations, public affairs, pharma agencies, digital and media shops.  The diversity of the group should give us a varied perspective on how to deal with different issues during unprecedented times.

I look forward to working with the group.