Is what we are experiencing 6 months into Covid-19 our new normal?

So many challenges faced agency executives in the first few months of Covid-19

  • When will we reopen?
  • How will we reopen?
  • How will we get work done with no one in the office?

Fast forward 6 months and those issues seem like they don’t matter anymore and have been replaced with larger, industry-changing issues?

  • How do we maintain staff mental health, particularly in big cities, when everyone is cooped up in their small apartments?
  • How do we develop skills in more junior staff when they are no longer learning by being around other, more senior staff members?
  • How do we develop and maintain an agency culture when we are all remote?
  • How do we handle people that move out of state and assume they can work remotely forever?

And most of those issues have nothing to do with winning business, creating great work and turning a profit.  While our industry has changed significantly over the last two decades, it seems as though Covid is forcing us to wrestle with tremendous, urgent, far-reaching issues while at the same time creating great work that keeps our clients’ businesses moving forward.

While none of the answers are simple, Filament has created a collection of independent agency executives to address the issues that are keeping our agency clients up at night.  It is amazing to see how a group of bright minds can handle multiple difficult issues at the same time, creating both short-term and long-term fixes to the significant challenges we are all facing.

The first six months of Covid have been a rollercoaster but I think we are in a better place to face the challenges that the next six months will bring us.

Stay safe everyone. We will get through this…