Upcoming Superbowl Ads

As is nearly everyone in the industry, we are excited to see what new spots are coming for the upcoming Superbowl. A few that are most interesting to me:

  • E*TRADE – Love the way that they bring fresh, iconic, memorable work to the game. I am interested to see what they do this year.
  • Budweiser – How can they breath new life into the clydesdales. While it is iconic, the ads can all start to look alike. Big ask of the agency.
  • State Farm – Love their work.
  • Reese’s – Is the marriage between peanut butter and jelly on the rocks?! I hear jelly is getting pretty upset about all the time peanut butter is spending with chocolate:-)
  • Doritos – always exciting
  • Oreo – TMA will certainly bring their A game!
  • ??? – someone always surprises me.

Good luck to all our clients. Enjoy the game!