More industry leaders joining Filament

2018 has been an exciting year so far for Filament webinars.  The roster of speakers is getting better and better.  Luke Sullivan (former CD from GSDM, The Martin Agency and Fallon) has been a highlight of our webinar seasons has been joined this year by Hart Weichselbaum (former head of planning at The Richards Group), Laurie Coots (former CEO of TBWA) and famed author Stephen M.R. Covey.  It has been a pleasure to be working with industry icons to develop rich content for our clients.

As our webinar offerings continue to grow, we are reaching deeper into the advertising industry to find useful insights for our audience.  In addition, we have started to reach out to thought leaders beyond advertising that can bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing agencies and thoughts on how to deal with clients that are demanding smarter and quicker thinking from their agencies.

2019 should be an exciting year as we look to add more speakers and new topics.  We are already in discussions with some very exciting, household names in the industry and look forward to making new speaker announcements at the beginning of the year.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.