Manny Awards 2017

Another year, another Manny Awards has come and gone.  Filament is happy to have had clients nominated in 12 different award categories.  Some categories had multiple Filament clients being recognized for their efforts.  Some clients won…some were just happy to be nominated but everyone had a wonderful time catching up with old industry friends and laughing with colleagues.  Two things at the event struck a chord with me.

Dana Maiman’s acceptance speech for Person of the Year was flawless.  She did a wonderful job of celebrating her teams hard work but she also challenged the industry to make strides in areas like diversity where her agency and the entire industry need to make improvements.  It was a terrific way of celebrating but also pointing out that their is much work to be done and that everyone in the room needs to work just a little harder.

Faruk Capan’s acceptance of the Heart Award on behalf of Sunayana Dumala and Intouch Solutions. In February, Sunayana’s husband was tragically killed in an act of terrorism in a restaurant in Kansas.  His beautiful acceptance was a poignant moment that helped us to all remember that some things are more important than advertising.  It was a sobering moment.