Luke Sullivan hosts yet another incredible webinar

I don’t often post about webinar content.  With a half dozen or more webinars per month, plus existing client work, it simply becomes too much.  That being said….Damn!  Luke Sullivan is amazing!

If you haven’t heard Luke in a webinar or in person, you are missing one of the industries most insightful and entertaining speaker.  His years at Fallon, The Martin Agency and GSDM give him incredible perspective on what makes for great work, how to make and how to manage the staff that make it.

Part of the genius of Luke’s webinars is that he is no longer directly tied to the industry.  He is now the dean of the ad school at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Because he is no longer in the industry, he is not concerned about his next job.  As a result, he gives you his honest, unfiltered point of view about advertising.  Suffice it to say, that Luke unfiltered is both educations and very entertaining.