Growth Growth Growth!

As a very small business, our idea of tremendous growth may be different than some of our clients who have staff measuring in the hundreds (or thousands) and revenues well beyond what we could ever imagine. Still, for many of our clients landing seven new accounts in a year would represent a good year.

In the last 7 months, Filament has expanded our portfolio of clients to include 7 new ad agencies and public relations/affairs firms. The new clients represent a terrific cross section of the industry including international public affairs, small ad agencies, large agencies, pharma, digital and consumer ad agencies.

All seven new firms came to us through client referrals which is always welcome from a business perspective but is more importantly an affirmation that what we are doing helps people become more effective communications whether that is in a management setting or in a new business setting.

It is an exciting time in our industry and we are thrilled to welcome our new clients into the fold.