Getting the Best Work from Your Agency

One of the biggest challenges that faces marketers is getting the best and most effective work from their agencies. To meet this challenge, Filament has created a workshop that helps marketers better understand the creative process, which develops skills to more effectively evaluate creative and provide better feedback to the agency resulting in stronger work that moves the needle.

Part of the process is creating a better brief which is the launching point for the creative team. The next step in the workshop is learning how creatives concept off of brief. Understanding the ideation process helps marketers understand the why behind creative. Understanding the why opens the door for both better feedback and better alignment between the marketing team and the agency. Without alignment, the agency will continue to bring work that meets the agency’s goals without necessarily meeting the marketer’s goals. This lack of alignment never results in great work or a healthy agency/client relationship.

The final goal of the workshop is to give marketers tools to give feedback to the agency creative team in the language that they understand and can act upon. Often times, feedback is given about the work and the revisions are made without addressing the underlying issues with the creative. The work looks different but still has the same issues. Understanding how to give specific, actionable feedback to the agency in a style that they understand is a key to creating better work.

Marketers and agency staff, particularly the creative team, simply speak a different language. The communication gap impacts every part of the creative process from the strategy to the brief and ultimately the creative. Bridging that communication gap is the key to unlocking the real power of a strong client/agency relationship and producing outstanding work.

For more information about the workshop, contact Mark Schnurman, Filament Co-Founder, at or 800.509.6599 x201.