Filament Independent Agency forum addresses re-opening issues

The Filament Independent Agency Forum has grown to over a dozen organizations representing a variety of communication firms. As we all get closer to the idea, if not reality, of reopening the forum conducted both qualitative research as well as a quantitative survey with nearly 500 employees respondents.

The research dove into areas of concern including:

  • what did staff like about working from home
  • what did staff dislike about WFH
  • what are staff expectations as we start to consider re-opening the office
  • how has the role of the office changed since Covid
  • what are tasks are best handled best in the office (or from home)
  • what does staff miss most about the office

Some of the qualitative responses were surprising and we look forward to seeing if those responses show up in the quantitative survey.

We will keep you posted as the findings are available.