Filament agency executive forum address mental health issues and WFH

As we move from fall to winter and outdoor opportunities dwindle, it is not surprising that mental health and Covid fatigue are becoming bigger and bigger issues.  Filament’s independent agency executive forum is tackling the issue head on and spent the entirety of the last two forum meetings discussing ways to help employees stay positive and navigate what will likely be a very difficult winter.

While the news of vaccines is certainly very positive, it would be surprising if the distribution would be wide enough to make a significant impact on our agency staff this winter.  As a result, finding ways to boost morale and give people tools to handle mental health issues are crucial. 

The last two forum sessions have given us all a number of new techniques to address the growing issues.  Nobody on the forum feels like they have the answer when it comes to improving mental health and morale but everyone came out of the meeting with a few new tools and techniques that can help.

It is important for us to all work together as we navigate unprecedented times.

Stay safe everyone…