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February 24, 2010

Chip Griffin, Chief Digital Officer at DCI group, shares his thoughts on working with Mark Schnurman. Chip expertise as part entrepreneur, part executive and part digital guru gives him an interesting perspective on both coaching and presenting.

The Value of Professional Coaching

I have given a lot of presentations over the years. Too many to count. Some have been educational, others aimed at pitching a product or service. I have spoken in front of hundreds of people and presented 1 on 1. I have used props and slides, and I have gone without visual aids. I have presented on my own, on a panel, and as part of a group as large as 10 or so. I have done presentations with less than 5 minutes warning and I have done them with weeks of advance notice. I have practiced for presentations and I have also followed a “just wing it” approach. ” read more



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