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December 6, 2007

AAAA Hires Filament Inc. for New Business Seminar
Chicago, IL – Mark Schnurman, founder and partner of Filament Inc, gave an information-packed seminar on Winning New Business to over 60 advertising agency executives at DDB’s offices in Chicago.

Perfecting the pitch process is an obsession for Mark who shared his expertise with the group. Of particular interest was his notion of how agencies tend to betterentiate rather than differentiate themselves. Betterentiation occurs when agencies have a difficult time articulating a point of difference between their agency and the competition.

Instead of agencies pitching how they are different, they simply say that they are better than the competition. “Our creative is better.” “Our people are better” goes the typical mantra of agencies around the country. At best, these non-differentiating comments are shrugged off by the prospect as sales puffery.

During the seminar, Mr. Schnurman provided numerous tools to help agencies differentiate themselves more effectively navigate through the pitch process and most importantly …improve their win rate.

Leah Hammond, who works in business development at Element 79, summed up the seminar when she said:

Mark Schnurman captures business development issues and challenges in a concise, meaningful and resourceful way. These insights are immediately impactful!

Filament Inc. is a communication skills and new business consulting firm that works exclusively within the advertising and communications industry. As founder, Mark Schnurman has spent the last twelve years working worldwide with agencies of all sizes helping them to improve their win rate.



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