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June 2010

The following article entitled Clear all Hurdles to Win the Pitch  ran in Med Ad News’ June 2010 issue.  Mark Schnurman writes a monthly column entitled Pitch Therapy for Med Ad News about pitching new business.  The article also appeared on Mark's Pitch Therapy blog which can be found at:

During the pitch process, clients are not just looking for the agency they should hire. More importantly, they are looking at the agencies they should not hire. An agency needs to clear a number of hurdles in order to win the business. Some of the hurdles are obvious: creative, strategy, capabilities. But some of the hurdles are more difficult to see coming: charisma, likability, chemistry.

First let’s take a look at the obvious hurdles. When it comes to creative, clients are not only looking for good creative (and you can define good however you like), but they are looking very closely to make sure that the creative is on strategy. Read more







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