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May 9th, 2014

Pam Bloore, Filament co-founder, has long been considered an industry expert on the subject of overcoming nervousness when presenting.  As a semi-recovered nervous presenter, Pam not only has great empathy for nervous presenters but she also has dozens of tools and techniques to help presenters overcome their nervousness.

Those skills were on full display this week when the 4As hosted her for a webinar on the topic of Managing Nerves During Meetings, Presentations and Q&A.  The webinar was a tremendous success with numerous agencies filling conference rooms with attendees.  One agency even bought an agency-wide pass so anyone at the agency could view the webinar. 

Pam has clearly touched a nerve to receive such a flood of participants.  She, as much as anyone in our industry, understands the challenges facing staff when they are trying to overcome nervousness.  She told a story during the webinar about her first presentation in high school.  After giving her first oral presentation, she went out in the hall and got sick.  She then passed out.  She has since gone on to be a brilliant presenter.  If ever anyone understood the plight of the nervous presenter, it is Pam.

The feedback from the attendees has been wonderful.  It is very rewarding to help people overcome what for many people is one of the most difficult obstacles in their career.

Many thanks to Maya, Bob and the rest of the staff at 4As for helping to make the webinar such a success.









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