Filament Press Release
April 24th, 2014

For twenty-five years, Med Ad News and agency professionals come together to recognize significant contributions to, and celebrate creative excellence in, healthcare communications. On this special 25th Anniversary evening of the Manny Awards, more than six hundred industry peers joined Med Ad News in honoring jury-elected nominees and winners in a range of award categories.

This year there was plenty to celebrate.  The award winners this year actually took a back seat to the Mannys themselves. Daniel Becker, Christiane Truelove, Joshua Slatko and Andrew Humphreys worked to resurrect Med Ad News after it was shut down by its publisher late last year. The Mannys was the first opportunity that the industry had to thank the staff for bringing back an icon in our industry. 

From our stand point, the awards themselves gave us much to celebrate.  Filament clients took home 6 of the 15 awards including awards for products that we had a hand in pitching. Working on a pitch is exciting because during a pitch, anything is possible for the brand. The Manny Awards show how those possibilities can come to life in fantastic work for some wonderful brands and brand teams.

Congratulation to both Med Ad News and the industry for a special evening celebrating the great work in the pharmaceutical advertising industry from everyone at Filament.









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