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March 21, 2010

4As has asked Filament to conduct their Presenting and Selling Creative Work to Clients workshop in New York City, Minneapolis, Raleigh and Rochester, all within the next few months.   The workshop has been so well received that 4As is stepping up the number of times the workshop is offered.

Here is a quick overview of the workshop.
Presenting creative work to clients or prospects is not as much about presentation skills as it about selling skills. Clients need to be transformed from “creative evaluators” to “creative champions.”  If your clients are discussing the color and font, they are still in creative evaluator mode and this workshop will help you to turn clients into champions of your creative work instead of killers of great ideas.

This all day workshop, conducted by Brian Schnurman of Filament, Inc., explores how to turn creative staff from presenters of work to proponents of work, and how to sell the big idea instead of the details. read more










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