Filament Press Release
December 31, 2015

If frequent flier miles are any indication, 2015 was a huge year for Filament. Just Delta has close to 200,000 miles flown. For a little company and one airline...yikes.

We had our second biggest year in terms of revenue, just missing our biggest year by just 4%. At the same time, we added 12 new agency accounts this year. Adding six accounts is a good year. Adding 12 is huge. As we add more accounts with more specialties and different cultures, we get an even deeper look into what is working in the ad industry and what is not working.

This year's new accounts ranged from small, specialty shops to an enormous, worldwide digital shop. Each agency brings their own set of strengths and challenges to the marketplace.

Hopefully, 2016 will bring both Filament and our clients' new successes.

Warm Regards,

Mark, Pam and Brian









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