Filament Press Release
December 15th, 2013

After a flurry of pitch activity in the third and fourth quarter for 2013, the results are starting to come in.  We worked with a number of firms in both the consumer and pharma space on 11 different projects.  We are happy to say that our clients won 8 out of the 11 pitches.  One of the pitch wins has already turned into a second assignment so that makes 9 pieces of business awarded out of 11 pitches.  Even more importantly, the win rate on the really big projects was an impressive 5 out of 6. 

As you all know, pitch wins are the growth engine that drives business growth.  Without these wins, agencies shrivel and die.  We are excited that our clients had such a robust second half and are proud to have played a part.  The wins should set the agencies up for a great start to 2014.









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