Filament Press Release
November 20, 2014

Like many people in the ad industry, everyone at Filament has a creative outlet or two.

Brian is on the board of a local theatre and has at one point or another done whatever it took to make sure that the show goes on. Pam enjoys pottery and loves to create new projects and get muddy. Mark is a musician and continues to find new opportunities to perform and make music.

We are proud to announce that Mark is playing trombone on Neil Edwards' funk/jazz CD Gotta Get My Groove On. Mark and Neil have worked together for years, performing at different venues but this was the first opportunity to record together. "It is such a pleasure to work with Neil. He is great player and seems to bring out the best in my playing" Mark said. Mark continued "I learn something new every time we work together."

Click here to listen to Just Layin' Back, the first song on the CD. You can order the entire CD at

Congratulations to Neil and Mark! Who knew Mark could be so funky :)









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