Filament Press Release
May 3rd, 2013

On April 19 and May 2 Filament Inc. conducted its first two webinars with AAAA.  While Filament has delivered this content in person at agencies all over the world, AAAA convinced us that it was time to deliver the content, albeit in a more abbreviated version, via the web.  Apparently, we underestimated the demand for information on how to get clients to approve an agency’s best work because hundreds of people signed up for the webinar from agencies throughout North America. 

Particularly encouraging were the amount of college students that signed up.  While it was only a fraction of the total audience, there were still a surprising number of college students from numerous different schools including Stanford University, Brown, Cornell, UT Austin, Syracuse and VCU to name a few.  In all, 27 different universities were represented.  It was great to see college students looking beyond their classrooms for ways to develop crucial skills.

AAAA does a wonderful job at helping agency staff and apparently college students improve their skills in a variety of different areas.  Click here for a list of AAAA workshops, webinars and conferences.










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