Filament Press Release
March 5, 2015

Filament is happy to announce a new, one-day Presentation Training Program. In the past, we have stuck to a multi-day format because the extra time allows the opportunity to review video brings about transformative change. That methodology has served us well over the years.

ut our clients have asked us for training programs that help to introduce people to the art of presenting. Perhaps they are a little newer to the agency business or the agency has too many people to train. Shorter programs, with more attendees lowers the cost of training per person and introduces a new set of people to techniques to improve presentation skills.

We still include video and have people presenting but there is more peer coaching and less private coaching. We also use lunchtime as a time to view morning videos and prepare for presentations in the afternoon session. The end result is a lower cost skill development while still creating a "learn by doing" environment.

While the one day format is not right for all organizations and staff, it offers another option to human resources professionals looking to improve the skills at an agency.









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