What Senior Creative Directors Know that Younger Creatives Don’t (And vice versa)

The challenge for many younger creatives is that their older, more experienced CDs either don’t have time to mentor and teach them, or often their agency hasn’t been able to afford keeping more senior people around for guidance. For younger creatives, their only way forward is to make mistakes, sometimes costly to their agency or career, and hope to learn with minimal damage.

Veteran Executive Creative Director Reid Holmes compared notes with creative directors from creatively driven agencies including Fallon, Goodby Silverstein, Martin Williams, Carmichael Lynch and others.

He also heard from younger creatives about what they wished their older creative director colleagues would help them with. Join Reid as he shares their insights. You just might be surprised.

Key takeaways:

  • The critical role of trust in the creative process (it goes both ways)
  • How to get and give better, more helpful feedback than “it’s just not there yet”
  • How to speak the language of timeless great work universally admired by creative directors (The 10 top campaigns every creative should know — from Volkswagen to Nike) 
  • How to think around “client corners”, something every CD will thank you for
  • How to speak the language of ideas first, instead of tactics or media channels
  • The importance of managing up to protect your ideas once they are moving forward
  • What CDs mean by “craft” and why it’s so critical
  • The secret to getting CDs to not just approve your work, but to help defend it
  • How to “concept to the budget.”

Who should attend:

  • Creatives who have been ever frustrated with getting ideas embraced by their CD
  • CDs who want to help their younger teams grow for the betterment of the work, the agency and the client.

What can you expect from this webinar?

Built around feedback from agency creatives in Minneapolis, San Francisco and New York, participants will leave the webinar with greater insights into what their CDs need so the can say “yes” to their work.  CDs who attend will recognize a lot of the tips learned from past experience in their careers and can use the content as thought starters for more guidance going forward for their younger creative teams. 

ABout Reid Holmes:

Reid Holmes is President and Executive Creative Director of House of Holmes, LLC a freelance consultancy helping clients and agencies with purposeful strategy, copy, creative direction and content development. 

His clients have included H&R Block, Burger King, Toro, Mayo Clinic, Domino’s Pizza, among many others. He’s currently writing a book titled: The New Demands of Branding: How to Stop Eroding Brand Value, Build Employee Pride and Have Customers Rooting For Your Success.