What Every Dept. Should Know About Good Content Development with Jon Bond

Content marketing is a multi-dimensional beast that, if done properly, impacts every department in an agency.

Join Jon Bond who will explore the overlap between content and data science and measurement, search, influencer marketing, production, strategy, account management, and of course, creatives who are tasked with creating the content itself. 

We will also look at technologies and other helpful resources outside the agency that can help make the job easier and more effective.

Key takeaways:

  • The one thing every department needs to deliver to make content work
  • The 7 content assets that most great brands have
  • The key difference between organic and paid content strategy
  • ROI for organic vs. paid content
  • Influencer marketing done the right way, and why much of it is a scam
  • A strategy for addressing in–housing where everyone wins.

What can you expect from this webinar:

A unified approach to developing and scaling your content marketing practice that has all the foundational pieces to succeed.

Who should attend:

Everyone in your agency or at the least, all departments heads, because content marketing is not a vertical department, but instead cuts across every aspect of the agency.

About Jon Bond:

Jon Bond is a long time industry thought leader, having founded the venerable agency Kirshenbaum & Bond, written numerous articles and one book and has lectured at major universities. Jon has also been CEO of social media agency Big Fuel (now part of Publicis ).