Walking In Your Clients’ Shoes: What Every Agency Needs to Know

  • When is the last time you really put yourself in your clients’ shoes?
  • Do we spend enough time thinking about client needs versus agency needs?
  • Do we realize it’s not about us… it’s never been about us… and it’s never going to be about us? It’s always about the client.

 Too many agencies say we want to be partners with our clients. If we were really a partner, would we make these mistakes:

  • Accepting a poor creative brief or dozens of emails back and forth and you still don’t have the needed clarity
  • Bragging about our awards for other clients – key word “other”
  • Moving their favorite person off the account and replacing him/her with a junior person
  • Bragging about our new tools – that have a price tag
  • Saying you’re transparent and you’re not

 ….you get the idea.

 On July 11, join leading agency consultant, author, speaker, former agency President and former CMO Joanne Davis as she shares what it’s like to manage your agency by walking in your clients’ shoes.

 Joanne will discuss primary complaints clients have about their agencies – and what YOU can do to avoid the complaints creating permanent damage and ultimate client loss.

 Key takeaways:

  • Learn about client priority needs
  • Find out what really turns off clients
  • How to become your client’s agency of choice
  • How to earn and keep client trust via distant early warning
  • Learn how to instill this culture and attitude in your agency.

Who should attend:

Account management, creatives, agency management and all agency personnel who interact with clients.

About Joanne Davis:

Joanne Davis is one of the industry’s most recognized leaders in client agency relations and agency search. She’s the author of three books and has spoken extensively on client–agency relations in four continents.

She spent 20 years owning and leading agencies, was acting head of advertising and marketing for the Department of Defense and has run a successful consulting firm since 2000. Joanne’s clients come from many categories and sizes and include and have included Microsoft, Macy’s, Delta, Buffalo Wild Wings, Memorial Sloan Kettering and General Mills.