Turning Research into Insights

In a world where there’s more information readily available than ever before, available information is rarely translating into available insights. Turning information into insights means going beyond the facts, into thinking about how new learning can drive meaningful action.

Join Robin Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy, who will demystify the process of turning research into insights.

Account planners, account managers, creatives and marketers will gain insight into insights and how to uncover them–from synthesizing research into eye-opening discoveries, to learning how to express findings in a way that incites the “insight response.”

In the process, planners and account people will learn ways to become a better partner to colleagues and clients.


  • What an insight really is
  • How it’s different from facts
  • What your client likely means when they ask for an insight
  • How to distill insights from research
  • How to present insights so they’re appreciated and understood.

Filled with practical, real-world examples, this webinar will help attendees become versed in how to find insights in the research and information they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Key takeaways:

  • What insights are not
  • Where to look for insights
  • The insight response and how to get it
  • Why one brand’s insights may differ from another’s
  • How to build your reputation as insightful.

Who should attend:

Planners, Account Managers, Creatives, Marketers interested in building their skills as insight providers.

About Robin Hafitz:

Robin Hafitz has been at the forefront of the evolving brand strategy and innovative research disciplines for over a decade.  One of the first American practitioners of Account Planning in America, Robin has run agencies and research companies providing business-building insights in categories from beer to B2B, sports to sweets, and for clients from Food Network to Facebook, Hyatt to History Channel – and many more.  A frequent speaker on strategic and research skills and youth insights, Robin is a highly rated instructor on research, strategy, insight, and testing processes.