Turning Customer and Consumer Insights into New Business Gold with Laurie Coots — NEW DATE Feb. 14 — 1:00 – 2:00 ET

67% of CEOs and Client Decision Makers say that unearthing and leveraging genuine consumer and customer insights is one of top three challenges in their job. Sadly, those same Decision Makers also say that while they want and expect their agencies to provide these insights – they usually cannot.  This gap is a major opportunity for agencies both in existing client relationships and to attract new business.

Leveraging a consumer or customer insight provides the ”motivational why” behind unmet customer needs and market opportunities that can drive growth for clients.  And while these insights do seem to have magical qualities when it comes to building a favorable case for a recommended creative solution, they can be hard to unearth, and bring to life in a way that both informs and inspires.

On February 14, join Laurie Coots who will share what and insight IS and IS NOT and more. This webinar is for agencies who want to learn how to build a bulletproof case to sell smarter and braver work to existing client and new business prospects.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn techniques and tricks for bringing the consumer or customer insight to life in your pitch or client presentation — that is smart, credible and memorable
  • Learn to identify a real consumer and customer insight amid facts, trends and data points
  • Learn proven strategies for unearthing insights by properly interrogating category behavior, standard research, trends and social media.

Who should attend:

New Business Directors, Account Planners and Strategists, as well as Creative Directors and anyone who benefit from learning more about using the “motivational why” to sell great work.

About Laurie Coots:

Laurie Coots is currently a Free Agent of Disruption. As Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide for almost thirty years, she was responsible for the growth strategies of the network, the new business teams and all pitches.

Throughout her career, she has been a leader in the industry speaking on the subject of New Business, Disruption, Change Management and the Future of Client Conflict. Laurie had led the 4As New Business Committee and has spoken widely at new business conferences and seminars. Laurie and her teams have won well over a billion in new business billings.