Transforming Your Existing Team Into Superstars Before Hiring New Staff

The current paradigm says that eighty percent of the best work is being done by twenty percent of the company or workforce.  This does not have to be true at all. There are many ways to ignite your team and give them freshly oxygenated energy creating better teamwork, morale and results.

Join Chase Steele Greye,  a business person, artist, leader, host of the podcast entitled, “The Morning Mind Podcast”, and all around mentor, as he releases many gems related to creating superstars in your organization.

You will learn:

  • To use certain key language triggers that will cause team members to take better initiative
  • How to create more incentives that push the group to want to excel
  • To take major responsibilities and delegate them across the team instead of relying on one person
  • Sending out more praise related texts or emails to those who exceed the expectations
  • Allow more suggestions about reoccurring snags in the company
  • How to track certain KPIs that will actually expose the activity and execution of your team across the board

This webinar will give solid and instantly usable techniques that are more casual to produce major results.

Key takeaways:

  • What it means to actually listen to the uncomfortability of your team member
  • Knowing the strengths of each employee with great detail
  • Reminding your team that peripheral vision alleviates many issues

Who should attend:

Managers, Team Leaders and Marketers who want to create momentum within a team creating better teamwork and result.

About Chase Steele Greye:

Chase Steele Greye has been in the service industry for most of his life in many different ways. He has trained people from top to bottom in many different industries. Chase has been called upon to  go into companies as a customer service specialist to retrieve real time info on how companies are navigating their services. Chase is host of “The Morning Mind Podcast”,  that airs across eight different platforms daily. He is most at ease when he is on engaging others sharing insights and learning.