The Secrets to Keeping Clients Longer

Someone once said, “The only sure thing in our business is that you’ll lose business.”

The cruel fact is that eventually all your current clients will go away.

Client departures often disrupt an agency and frequently force it to lay off talented staff. Sometimes the event even forces the agency to go out of business. All these are great reasons to do everything possible to keep your clients as long as possible.

Doing great work isn’t enough. Neither is generating great results. A client-agency relationship is just that, a relationship, and considerable effort needs to be committed to keep the relationship positive and strong.

Join Robb High, Robb High Consulting, as he provides key information on how to maintain healthy relationships with clients.

Key takeaways:

  • How clients view their agency and the relationship: what’s important to them; what frustrates them
  • What makes them decide to terminate the relationship
  • What are the signs that the relationship is in trouble
  • Proven techniques that agencies can utilize to keep their agency-client relationships solid including approaches to get candid feedback and ways to deliver surprising creativity
  • Techniques for how to get more business from current clients.

Who should attend:

All senior agency executives who have client contact.

About Robb High:

Robb High is a well-known agency consultant focused on helping agencies improve new business and client retention performance. He has worked with over 270 agencies on an individual basis and has had 1,100+ attendees to his seminars.

Part of his practice is conducting client satisfaction audits for agencies where he has interviewed 700+ marketing executives. These interviews are the basis for understanding what makes a good client-agency relationship.


Prior to starting his consultancy, Robb was CMO for Y&R Group, and before that was COO, Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners.