The Post-Covid Office Space: Are You Ready To Change What “Work” Looks Like?

Over the past year, we’ve seen just how much is possible in a fully virtual work environment. Working from home hasn’t impeded our productivity, innovation or creativity. In fact, in many ways it has unleashed it. So, what happens next? Will companies move to a fully virtual work model? For those who don’t, what role will the office play? Join Lisa Whited, Senior Associate of Advanced Workplace Associates and Robin Shapiro, CEO of TBWA\WorldHealth for a peek into the future of work, and the top trends shaping the evolving workplace experience.

This webinar is designed to expose you to new ways of working. We will share data and trends on the future of work and the future of the workplace. We will discuss practices, technology and tools that can enhance collaboration, build authentic connections and ultimately build community, in a distributed and remote workforce.


  • Why vision and purpose matters and how we can make it visible in our workplace
  • See one agency’s vision about how they are re-imagining the role of space as they think about their return to the office
  • View images of the reimagined workplace of tomorrow
  • See data and trends regarding our mental and physical wellbeing and how new ways of working could positively impact both
  • Hear data about how our work and workplace can impact climate change
  • Learn of tools, technology and practices that can enhance collaboration and build authentic connections

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Must attend! – Leaders who want to make a positive impact on their staff’s productivity, engagement and happiness at work
  • Must attend! – Staff who want to have more authentic connections with colleagues, be inspired and energized with their own work, and make a positive difference for the planet

About your seminar leaders:

Robin is CEO of TBWA\WorldHealth. As the Disruption® Company, TBWA helps brands break free from conventional thinking and realize a more purposeful and profitable future. She believes the best results are born of a healthy agency/client partnership and a shared focus on continuous improvement.

Lisa Whited a Senior Associate for Advanced Workplace Associates, a global workplace strategy and change management consultancy. She focuses on the intersection of leadership, organizational vision, human behavior, and physical workplace, all with an eye to making good choices for the planet and engaging 100% of an organizations’ employees in conversations about change.