The Changing Role of Account Management

“Change” …As if the rapid change in media, technology and leadership wasn’t enough, throw in the efficiency demands of procurement on an agency’s Scope of Work (SOW); the “stretch” target goals of brand managers; the utilization and bottom-line requirements of agency CFOs; and the day-to-day/quarter-to-quarter rigors of an “integrated” service platform and you enter the new and improved world of agency account management.

This rapidly evolving, data driven environment along with the changing needs of business in an interconnected and highly competitive “agency” environment require today’s account leaders to have different skills, mindsets and approaches to client leadership and relationships than in the past.

While the foundational elements of account management are and will remain rock solid, it will be one’s ability to get ahead of the curve, see around corners and actually see the “forest” in order to provide leadership in approaching and developing integrated strategic and creative solutions for client business problems.

On January 22, join Greg Taucher as he reviews how account management has changed in five key areas:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: How client relationships have evolved and how “partner agency” relationships have developed, and why both now require increased levels of account management leadership and engagement across the entirety of the client’s scope of work in delivering efficiency, effectiveness and scale.
  • INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY: “IC” is a core value in personal and professional growth and development. Getting outside your comfort zone and the approved scope of work to ensure you are constantly providing leadership, value and growth ideas to both your client and agency are both an account management challenge and a requirement in today’s operating environment.
  • DATA:  Instead of making a few major decisions, clients and agencies are making hundreds of decisions that are increasingly more targeted and tied to business outcomes.  And while account managers do not necessarily need to know the “how” of data analytics, they do need to understand the “why”, “where” and “when” in order to provide value and leadership to their clients.
  • STRATEGY:  It’s now all about facilitating the process flow from data to information to insights, and championing strategies, both internally and with the client, that not only need to easily be understood and activated on a “cross channel” basis but help get to better work faster.
  • COMMERCIAL:  SOW planning and development, change management, contract compliance, change management and working capital are all now prime real estate for account management. The business of the business is changing and you need to ensure you are ahead of the curve.

Key takeaways:

  • Keys to effectively and efficiently managing a cross-discipline, “partner agency” client relationship
  • How the facilitation role that account managers now must play in the data-information-insight process flow to ensure strategies are real, relevant and aspirational
  • Learn why and how account managers need to get outside the scope of work and actually “think” and “lead” client business
  • Client relationships are business relationships, and the rise of procurement has put account managers on the front lines of the commercial relationships and financial performance.

Who should attend:

This webinar is a great training tool for account management personnel at all levels and across all disciplines to ensure they are providing strategic thought leadership and tactical management excellence to both their clients and their agencies.

About Greg Taucher:

Greg Taucher joined the advertising department faculty at Michigan State University in January, 2016 following his saying “adios” to DDB after 30+ years in May, 2015. From 2003-2015, Greg was Director of Global Accounts & Contracts at DDB Worldwide. He also served concurrently as the agency’s Director of Global Accounts – Asia/Pacific and CEO of DDB SE Asia from 1996-2003 and the agency’s Global Business Director on American Airlines from 1990-1996. Prior to joining DDB in 1990, Greg was Senior Vice President/Group Business Director at Tracy-Locke, an Omnicom agency headquartered in Dallas, TX.