The Art of Long Range Planning: A Guide to Sustainable Agency Growth

Are you expecting your growth goals to be filled by new business? 

Without a long range agency plan to sustain that growth, new business alone just may not get it done.  A sustainable growth strategy takes into account a holistic approach including aspects of your business that are often overlooked. Having a strategic and sustainable growth vision is liberating, confidence boosting and necessary for the long haul.

Join agency consultant Doug Austin as he takes you through the strategies and platforms to consider as you lay out your long range agency growth plan. 

Doug will dive into the growth strategies and action steps needed to keep your new business wins for a long time to come. To continue to provide value to your clients, the agency must be deliberate about maintaining your relevance in the industries you choose to serve in. Simply put, you must “understand the business of your client’s business” to the degree you are seen as experts and partners. You do this through expertise training and focused industry involvement. 

Doug will explore the core growth platforms necessary to create this culture of growth inside your agency.

Four key growth platforms he will explore during this webinar include:

    1. How to maintain/grow your current client base (duh right, but we often miss what that looks like)
    2. Adding the “right” new business
    3. Introduce a training regimen that produces confident specialty experts
    4. Be involved in the industry of your client’s business.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to approach your long range growth planning 
  • Discover why your training and education regimen are so important in developing an army of thought leaders
  • Learn how to identify and leverage the “conversation” of the client industries you serve
  • Learn how to leverage the industry events of your client’s business to position you as an expert
  • Discover how to deconstruct your value proposition in a way that leads to strategic adjacency penetration
  • Identify where you have “permission to win” new clients 
  • Learn how to identify the best new clients and go after them.

Who should attend:

This webinar is directed at anyone responsible for agency growth: team leaders, agency owners, general managers, presidents, CEOs, CMOs,  innovation officers, HR, training, business development, new business, account service leads and client or category leaders.

About Doug Austin:

Doug is the owner of Austin Amplifies, a consulting firm focused on helping independent agencies find their next level, whatever that may look like. 

Doug spent his 30+ year career building,  growing and selling ad agencies. Now he’s focused on helping others do the same. Much of his agency expertise lies in long-term strategic planning as well as product/menu innovation for a variety of clients in the food/beverage industry.  His last formal agency gig was leading growth and innovation for a network of three ad agencies and one innovation firm, ending in the sale of that network. Doug has worked on a variety of brands and agencies all across the globe.

 Today Doug spends his time consulting with agencies on a wide variety of topics including: growth visioning and business development to training and industry relations. In addition, Doug conducts seminars and workshops on Creating a Culture of Growth from Coast-to-Coast.