The 11 Agency/Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

Losing clients not only impedes growth, it’s bad for agency morale. Yet agencies frequently miss the warning signs of a client relationship in distress.

In 2015, after a series of client losses, TBWA\WorldHealth took a radical approach. They set the goal of 100% client retention. The agency identified 11 early-warning signs of a troubled relationship, as well as a unique approach to proactive performance management called  Partnership Success Plans. This approach has dramatically reduced client churn resulting in 100% client retention since program rollout.

Join Robin Shapiro, CEO and Andy Hayley, Global Managing Partner of TBWA\WorldHealth who will discuss the 11 early-warning signs and will highlight elements of their proactive Partnership Success Plans process that have helped the agency proactively address relationship issues before they result in a client loss.

This webinar will teach you how to identify the top warning signs of an agency/client relationship in need of extra attention and how to put proactive tools in place to change the outcome

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the 11 early-warning signs of a distressed agency/client relationship
  • Why agencies often miss the warning signs of an agency/client relationship in need of extra attention
  • How you can prevent a client loss and change the outcome by identifying the warning signs early and putting proactive measures in place.

Who should attend:

Anyone in the agency who regularly interfaces with clients: account, creative, strategy, and project management.

About Robin Shapiro and Andy Hayley:

Robin is CEO of TBWA\WorldHealth. As the Disruption® Company, TBWA helps brands break free from conventional thinking and realize a more purposeful and profitable future. She believes the best results are born of a healthy agency/client partnership and a shared focus on continuous improvement.

Andy is Global Managing Partner at TBWA/WorldHealth.  His mission is to lead alignment across teams of marketing and agency talent to offer clarity and structure to clients’ business challenges.