Reconfiguring Your Agency to Operate Faster and Leaner: From “project teams” to “creative product teams”

Learn how your agency can operate faster and run leaner by introducing new and nimble team formations and ways of working.

Join Brian Kessman, Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, for an eye-opening talk about why your agency’s org structure is limiting your business’ performance. Gain a new perspective and straightforward guidance for how to rethink and redesign your team structure. Learn practical examples and next steps to help you begin evolving your agency as soon as tomorrow to liberate your agency’s full potential.

Key takeaways

  1. Why you should move away from “Project-Teams” to form “Creative-Product Teams”
  2. How team structure can lift (or limit) your services, talent retention, and margins
  3. How to uncover your agency’s “Value Architecture” to support optimal delivery and pricing models
  4. How to create outcome-driven team roles for accountability and greater employee engagement
  5. How to distribute authority for smarter, faster decision-making and action across your teams

Who should attend

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, other C-suite Executives, Presidents, Directors
  • Anyone invested in your agency’s performance, culture, and client relationships

About Brian Kessman

Brian Kessman is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting. He specializes in positioning strategy and organizational design exclusively for agencies. He’s best known for helping agencies redesign their operating model to attract more of their ideal clients, run leaner, deliver work smarter and faster, and prevent talent burnout. He partners with agency leadership teams when they begin to struggle with organizational alignment, meeting client expectations, or retaining talent. Brian is a sought-after speaker for major industry associations and conferences including AMIN Worldwide, TAAN Worldwide, Worldwide Partners, MAGNET Global, Mirren Live, and the Bureau of Digital. He is also a past judge of the Favorite Website Awards (the FWA). For more info, you can visit his website at or email him at