Presenting and Selling Creative Work

The challenge with getting clients to accept great creative work is that the client often cannot see what makes the creative great.  This webinar will give you tools and language necessary to generate enthusiasm for  your ideas and most importantly, help you get clients to willingly and enthusiastically follow your recommendations.

This webinar is designed to insure that your best ideas are accepted and not watered down through multiple trips back to the drawing board.  The end result is better work, less negotiation over executional details and less time spent implementing client’s suggestions.


  • Getting clients excited about the creative, so that they are willing to take a risk
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of presenting work during Covid
  • Getting clients to concentrate on the concept rather than the executional detail (font, color, casting decision, etc.)
  • Presenting ideas with greater impact, clarity and focus
  • Helping all types of clients understand and personally relate to the creative
  • Becoming more persuasive
  • Creating more “theater of the mind” through set up, and physical delivery of    concepts
  • Establishing creative staff’s credibility in the mind of the client

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Must attend!  —  Creative staff that presents work to clients or prospects
  • Must attend!  —  Account staff that present creative work to clients or prospects

About your seminar leader:

Mark Schnurman, President of Filament Inc, has spent the last 15 years working with agencies throughout the world.  Helping them better articulate their ideas to their clients.  Because Filament Inc. only works in the advertising industry, Mark has a keen understanding of the challenges that face creative staff when there are trying to sell their creative ideas to clients that may not be the most enthusiastic audience.

Mark has worked with agencies like The Martin Agency, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Abelson Taylor, Razorfish to name a few, helping them sell their best ideas to clients.