Organic Growth: Your “New Business” Growth Engine

Advertising agencies and marketing services firms love to pitch new business. We seem to be hardwired for the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. However, in the most successful agencies you will find that pitching as a source of new business revenue usually only accounts for 20-25% of revenue growth each year.

So, where does the other 75%-80% of revenue growth come from you ask?

After factoring out an assignment or two that you may be awarded based on an existing client relationship, the bulk of that revenue should be coming  from Organic Growth — growth from your existing client base.

Organic Growth is like the “new business” gift that keeps on giving. Growing your existing business is as important as pitching. So ask yourself, “Does your agency have a real plan to grow your business with existing clients?”

On May 7th, join Laurie Coots as she explores how to transform your agency step-by-step, into an Organic Growth engine.

Key takeaways:

  • How to identify and expose the organizational and cultural challenges to driving Organic Growth
  • Explore the resistance from Account Management in being held accountable for Organic Growth
  • Analyzing and prioritizing the opportunities to generate additional revenue
  • How to make time for an ambitious Organic Growth agenda
  • Learn how a series of small changes in orientation and planning can pay big dividends in growing the agency.

Who should attend:

This webinar is for Managing Directors, Directors of Client Services, New Business Development Directors, and those Account Directors that want to learn how to move up the career ladder faster — by delivering solid agency growth while deepening your relationships with clients.

About Laurie Coots:

Laurie Coots is currently a Free Agent of Disruption. As Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide for almost thirty years, she was responsible for the growth strategies of the network, the new business teams and all pitches. Laurie and her teams have won well over one billion dollars in new business billings.

Throughout her career, she was a leader in the industry speaking on the subject of New Business, Disruption, Change Management and the Future of Client Conflict. Laurie had led the New Business Committee at 4As and has spoken widely at new business conferences and seminars.