Optimizing Client Relationships: Collaborating Effectively with Client Procurement

The “Procurement Phenomenon” at the dawn of the new millennium has morphed squarely into the Procurement Era for Marketing and Communications Services.  Agency executives can no longer ignore this new marketplace reality and must now embrace, educate, and in some instances, emulate this very influential Client stakeholder.

Client Marketing Procurement and Strategic Sourcing professionals are legitimate players in the mix; they are often schooled in the business issues most important to Agency/Client relationships, such as contracts, compensation, negotiations, and supplier performance evaluations.

So what is the best path forward for agencies pining for continued growth at a reasonable level of profitability?  To find out …..

Join J. Francisco Escobar, a leading industry “marriage counselor” and Procurement consultant for an engaging webinar that will take you through the evolution, definition, current trends, and best practices that will guide you and your team in optimizing Client relationships through Procurement, thereby building a competitive advantage for your enterprise.

You will want to attend this webinar prior to entering into your next Procurement-driven RFP, major negotiation, or relationship restructure with either prospective or current clients.

Key takeaways:

  • Top 10 ways to Deal Effectively with and Top 10 ways to Demonstrate Value to Procurement
  • Deep understanding of the Procurement discipline from an insider’s perspective
  • Differentiating major types of Procurement and the various Procurement professional types
  • Knowledge of the latest Marketing Procurement trends as validated by enlightened practitioners

Who should attend:

Agency executive management (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs), Agency Client leads, Agency New Business staff, Agency Finance & Operations staff.  This webinar will be indispensable to anyone at the Agency that interfaces with Client stakeholders in the area of Marketing, Procurement and Finance.

 About J. Francisco Escobar:

Francisco Escobar is a seasoned business advisor to both agencies and advertisers throughout the Marketing Communications Services industry, in ALL critical relationship life-cycle matters. With over 35 years of Finance, Marketing and Procurement management and consulting experience, Francisco has represented numerous independent agencies, all the major holding companies, as well as a distinguished group of Fortune 100 companies globally.

His consultancy, JFE International Consultants, Inc., was formed in 2003 as a Minority Business Enterprise, and has been uniquely focused since that time in optimizing Agency /Client relationships from both sides of the table.