Negotiation Skills for Account Staff

Negotiation is a part of any account person’s daily experience.   Whether we are talking about timelines, logo size, strategic ideas, internal resources, media spends…everything is negotiable.  The challenge is that these negotiations happen so frequently that often our first impulse is to resolve them quickly.

However, these daily negotiations can set the tone for the entire relationship.

Join Pam Bloore as she reviews negotiation tactics you can implement immediately to help you reach a “win-win” situation. Handling negotiations properly can make the difference between a productive, equitable relationship or feeling like we are constantly on the losing end of the conversation.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand and learn how to react better to negotiation tactics
  • Gain more control by planning and strategizing potential negotiations
  • Learn to probe for client interests and concerns
  • Improve your communications skills under pressure
  • Become more confident in all forms of negotiation–from subtle client suggestions to negotiations over fees
  • Develop and enhance questioning techniques to gain better outcomes in all types of negotiations
  • Understand the difference between competitive and cooperative negotiation tactics and how to deploy each
  • Learn how to say no to your client(s) or colleague(s)
  • How to strategically leverage issues
  • Learn how to manage conflict and tension when in a negotiation which is an important aspect to negotiations.
  • Understand how to maintain control during face-to-face or over-the-phone negotiations.

Who should attend:  

Account staff

About Pam Bloore:

Pam is one of the co-founders of Filament Inc. and has worked with many agencies to help them navigate numerous negotiations.  Some of those negotiations were internal to the agency while others dealt with client negotiation.  Pam’s agency client list includes The Martin Agency, McCann, Leo Burnett and Publicis just to name a few.