Marketing to Moms: Moving beyond sunny kitchens and sudsy dishes

Moms are begging for better advertising from advertising agencies and advertisers and it’s no wonder that 3 out of 4 moms (who control 85% of all household purchases) say that brands today don’t understand what it’s like to be a mother. 

  • When developing advertising for mom-focused brands do you find yourself stifled by industry standards of featuring moms in capri pants talking to camera? 
  • Do you find yourself wondering why male-focused advertising tends to be funny while mom-focused advertising remains more basic and boring? 

 Based on over 10 years of research with mothers, Lauren Fitzgerald, Partner, The Mom Complex, will share what no one else is willing to share about exactly what moms are thinking and how to develop more creative and provocative advertising to capture their attention.  

Agency management and team members will walk away with actionable tips and research to help clients understand what moms really want. 

 Key takeaways:

  • Provocative insights that will make any creative brief better
  • How to conduct research with moms that prevents them from posturing like they’re perfect
  • How to raise the bar of creativity when marketing to moms 
  • How to sell better mom-focused work to clients.

 Who should attend:

All levels and departments specifically account management and creatives, including senior leaders working on or pitching mom-focused brands. 

About Lauren Fitzgerald:

 As a partner for The Mom Complex, Lauren has worked with global companies and agencies including The Martin Agency, Saatchi, JWT,  Johnson & Johnson, Lego, Chobani and Walmart, helping them better connect with their mom consumers and mom employees. Working alongside Fortune 500 companies around the world, Lauren’s creativity, resourcefulness and ability to move mountains has led to numerous groundbreaking new products and services that are making the lives of moms easier.

Lauren and her team have developed cutting-edge research techniques to get moms to open up about their lives. Methodologies include proprietary Opinion Parties (an effective alternative to standard focus groups), smartphone apps to capture moms’ feelings in the moment, and Maverick Mom innovation sessions that put senior executives in the same room as moms to help develop new products and services.

Winner of SheRunsIt’s GenNext award, Richmond’s Icon award, and Marketing to Mom’s Full Circle award, Lauren’s professional success demonstrates the power behind empathy. She has a foundational understanding for the mothers with whom she collaborates and strives to champion. Whether she is rebranding a global toy brand or helping the food industry address the pains of dinnertime, she has a clear vision: Make mothering easier for all women.