Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

— Penetration of smart speakers and chat interfaces is growing at a rate that rivals the growth of the iPhone

— User behavior towards voice search and engagement with bots is on a trajectory to radically change the way we discover content and services

— Agencies and marketers are as unprepared for this paradigm shift as they were for the dot com explosion of the 1990s

The age of intelligence is upon us. Artificial intelligence is not the scary, take-over-the-world force it has been made out to be in the press. Instead it is a powerful and pointed set of technologies that can radically transform your business, open new markets, and revitalize your advertising, CRM, and loyalty programs.

Join Matt Marcus as he discusses the trends driving the industry, the technologies available off the shelf, and the opportunities that exist for industry and agencies to redefine their offerings.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how Brand Intelligence can come to life for your clients, products and services
  • Understand the benefits of designing for intelligent systems
  • Get an introduction to the new responsibilities you’ll be training existing staff to take on and the new roles you’ll be hiring for
  • Discover how to approach existing problems in new ways through the introduction of Brand Intelligence
  • Begin your journey into marketing in the Age of Intelligence.

Who should attend:

This webinar is targeted to agency leadership and professional marketers.

About Matt Marcus:

Matt has more than 25 years of product design, service design, and business strategy experience working across a set of eclectic roles. He has built three startups as CMO and as a Founder. Matt was the first creative leader in the R/GA Chicago expansion, growing the office from 3 to its current scale. Prior to R/GA, Matt established Gucci’s global e-business presence as the Worldwide Director of e-Division, building teams and digital capabilities across 11 countries. Matt has previously worked as a global digital systems consultant for companies such as Ermenegildo Zegna, National Geographic, MasterCard International, Lego, Staples, Gucci Group, and Brooks Brothers.

Matt holds a Masters Degree in Design Planning from the Institute of Design where he acted as an adjunct professor. He also holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin, with a focus on film narrative. Matt is an avid outdoorsman and paddler, finding time to run a river when the currents can compel him.